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I really appreciate you finally adding some colored backgrounds on your cartoon. Makes it feel whole and clean. This one's probably my favorite Unleashed cartoon you made so far! Tuning in to see more of these two lil dog dudes.

you just traced this

CatCharmAnimations responds:

...it's not like I made the same 3d version first of all, I made it into a 2d style....and how do you trace? I can't get any video files into Flash :( ...otherwise, that would save me A LOT more time.

You guys still make these?

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I'm Shiruken and i approve of this cartoon!

The characters are really cute!! I love this a lot!! Good job!

Oh god, my drawing was so bad back then lol This colab is one of my favs cuz it made me meet new friends in the art community. I wil cherish the moments we all had working on our parts in this collab ^^ And im glad you were able to finish it!

ImprimezNG responds:

I'm really glad, I guess it was part of what I wanted to accomplish with this collab.

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I dig the instrumentals. Next time try to make your vocals a little louder so I can hear what you're rapping about!

5Dollar responds:

thanks I made the beat but it's not me rapping. Had some guy come in and record and just wanted some feedback before i sent it off to him. I personally think the rap sucks lol.

Beats are amazing however, they were ruined by the excruciating vocals. Tone down the "whiney" voice a notch next time. The lyrics were decent though. Keep at it

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Roger that. I had noticed some sound quality issues, too. I'll check on the EQ for those vocs. Check back in the future, it may be updated.


The drops should've had more impact. I like the parts that lead up to the drops though so it's good

DJ-Doty responds:

I couldn't agree more. I've actually learnt a lot through YouTube tutorials and now know where I went wrong so I certainly have more powerful drops now in the studio. :)

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BAD to the bone

ROOTCHOMP responds:

youre gay to the bone

Love this!

This is literally traced.

stop staring at my ass

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